3 Ways to Attract Real Followers

Let me start by saying this:

There are no short cuts. There's no magic pill.

It all boils down to making an effort.

Growing a following on Instagram is more complicated and challenging now than its ever been. And yes, while the infamous “algorithm” has something to do with it, a big reason why it’s like this is because many users took advantage of quick and dirty growth hacks like buying followers or using a bot to engage with followers and potential followers (using these tactics can get your account shadowbanned or even shut down).

So, now that you know the deal with what NOT to do. Here are my top 3 ways to attract a real following to support your business:

1. POST HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. This doesn’t mean every photo you post needs to be professional, but ditch the shady photo of your crappy latte art or selfie. Take the time and get proper lighting (and maybe *lightly* filter). If you have the iPhone 8 or X, try using the portrait mode to create depth.

2. WRITE LONGER CAPTIONS. Experts all over the interwebs are seeing a trend indicating that longer captions receive better engagement. It’s possible that Instagram’s algorithm promotes posts with longer captions because it emphasizes storytelling, or it could be that followers feel more invested in / connected to you.

3. ENGAGE WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS. After you post a photo, try to stay available to respond to comments for one hour. I don’t mean you have to be refreshing every 30 seconds for an hour straight. Just check in every 10-20 minutes to respond to comments. Doing this seems to increase engagement and profile visits!

That’s all for now! Got a question about social media? Leave it in the comments!