How to Create Content to Gain More Followers


As a content creator for mindful brands, part of my job is content testing. I consistently test imagery, captions, and hashtags to see what works to serve my clients’ current audience, and to attract more people who can benefit from their work.

I’ve strategized and created content for tens of thousands of posts, and I’ve curated enough content to make your head spin. But the one thing that’s always interesting to me, is that it’s not always what you think will attract your audience that actually does.

This is why testing is essential.

Staying True to Your Authentic Voice

When you first start using your account for business, it can feel really strange, even inauthentic, to share your thoughts, beliefs, and offering. But the more aligned your message is with your true voice, the easier it is to attract the people who truly resonate with you and your work.

So, while it’s important to test visuals like portraits of yourself, quote graphics, photos by other users, art, and other imagery related to your brand, the thing you should never compromise is your voice.

Here are my top three tips for creating content to attract more followers who need to hear your message:

1. Stick to a niche

Keep your content focused and clear. Pick a maximum of TWO related themes and don’t diverge. Check out @lovekavita who talks about how to get unstuck in your life by healing your relationship to your parents.

2. Caption length

Try writing different length captions for your posts. You may find your followers prefer a longer, more descriptive caption, or a short to medium caption that’s straight-to-the-point. @jeannine.yoder uses a good variety of short and long-style captions that works for her followers.

3. Strive for consistency

After testing different imagery for anywhere from 1-6 months, you’ll likely notice higher engagement on certain types of content. One of my favorite accounts that follows this method is @lauren_bongiorno. Her followers love photos of her doing all things fitness.

Do you have a strategy for your account? Do you pay attention to what works and what doesn’t? Have more questions? Leave ‘em in the comments!