Allie is a gifted marketer, ideas woman and strategist for my wellness based business. She has a steady hand at organizing my ideas, artfully delivering content and honoring my unique and authentic expression. She takes the time to help me through the technological side of things — social media, website and general marketing — something that necessary and so daunting for someone like me. She is an ally on my business journey and a valued asset to anyone in need of online support.


A session with Allie is so much more than a consultation, it's an empowering experience of guided self-discovery. Yes, Allie knows all of the tools and tricks and guidelines to helping grow a business or social media/marketing strategy, but tools are meaningless when you don't quite know what you are trying to build. Allie is unique in her ability to dive into uncovering and defining your true vision, goals and intentions while providing you with the tools you need to take immediate action on your discoveries.


Hiring Allie to help me with my social media is one of the best decisions I've made in my business so far. She is very talented, and really knows the ins and outs of social media management. My Instagram engagement and growth have skyrocketed, and it's all thanks to my work with Allie.


Allie is a chameleon; I have friends that know she does my posts but they say it’s so in line with my voice and vision it’s hard to tell.She’s quadrupled my Instagram followers, with actual followers, not paid ones, and expressed Clear Space in ways I couldn’t have thought of on my own. Allie is a valuable part of the Clear Space team and the best money I spend every month


Allie's social media sensibility and genius have helped me leverage Instagram as a key component of my brand and audience development process. She prioritized authentic community development fueled by genuine followership that's both engaged and devotedThere's no way I could have done any of this without her. She's been an intricate part of my process since joining my team.