Founded in 2013 by Allie Mason, Something Greater Social serves purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make the world a better place.


Our mission is to support your highest vision.

By emphasizing your expertise, telling your story, connecting with your current and future clients, and creating and curating imagery that supports your brand's vision, we work with you to design a social media strategy that stays true to your voice, budget, and goals.

We study the trends, but aren't bound by them. We research the latest industry speculation, then take it a step further by testing it ourselves. We innovate strategies to best suit the needs of your brand. We prioritize integrity in an industry filled with illusion.

We are committed to using social media to create something greater.


Meet the Magic-Makers


Allie Mason
Founder, Consultant,
Senior Account Manager

In 2010, after years of playing by the rules, Allie quit her government communications job where she first cut her teeth in the social media world. With a gut feeling that she was meant to accomplish something greater she left her five weeks of vacation, retirement package, and cushy, ergonomic office chair behind and headed into the unknown.

Four years and a graduate degree in journalism later, she started her first social media business venture: Sprout Digital Marketing and Media Services, a boutique social media management company servicing entrepreneurs in wellness.

In the years that followed, she watched how quickly the industry changed. With a knack for intuiting trends, she always lead with an authenticity-first approach. She has always emphasized the importance of growing intentionally and organically, without bots or buying followers.

By 2017, her intuition paid off. With the launch of a new Instagram API, 3rd party bot liking/following apps had all been shut down, and fake accounts were being closed rapidly. And while other accounts saw their engagement drop like Spotify dropped R.Kelly's tracks, her clients' accounts continued to grow and flourish.

Being a Social Media Consultant with Soul, Allie specializes in growing accounts organically, content-driven strategy,  building a loyal community, and restoring accounts that made the mistake of prioritizing fast growth and follower count over authenticity and engagement. She also brings her creative skills to branding, graphic design, and animations for Instagram story highlights and advertisements

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Carmen Vienhage
Content Curator, Researcher,
Junior Account Manager

Like the true millennial she is, Carmen has been obsessed with social media since her AIM account back in the day. Graduating from Pace University with a BA in acting and a minor in marketing allows her to take on the voice of each client she manages while strategically broadcasting content to a growing audience of engaged followers.

She has managed, created content, and used organic marketing strategies for accounts like FilmBuff, The People’s Improv Theater, and Judy Boals Inc.

Carmen loves coordinating the visual and artistic aspect of social media while engaging and opening a dialogue with an audience from all over the world. When she's not starring in short films or modeling, you can usually find Carmen working on her socials in a coffee shop in Brooklyn or Manhattan. 

Our Clients

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Our Packages

The services listed below can all be modified to best suit your needs. If one of our packages doesn't feel right to you, please contact us. We are happy to discuss pricing options to support your business' needs.


Done either in-person or virtually, consultations are best suited for brands and entrepreneurs who want autonomy over their social accounts. We take a deep-dive into your industry, find your competition and influencers, complete detailed hashtag research, audit your social accounts, analyze your following and engagement, and teach you the tools to manage your accounts easily. We explain the ins-and-outs of posting to social media, best times to be online and engaging, and how to find potential customers, plus we can advise on visual and caption content.


optional Trainings

  • How to Schedule Your Posts

  • Caption-Writing Workshop

  • How to Research Hashtags

  • How to Find Your Influencers

  • Selling Without Being Sleazy Workshop

  • How to use Facebook for Business

  • How to use Instagram for Business

  • Simple Facebook and Instagram Ads Training

  • How to Create Graphics For Your Business

  • How to Create Your Instagram Theme


Consultations are completed by our senior account manager and include a detailed, personalized resource guide that is yours to keep + one month of email support.


Basic: 3 trainings

$1,500 and up

Invested: 5 trainings

$3,000 and up

serious: all-inclusive

$8,000 and up


Personalized Social Media Strategy

If you’re more of the DIY type and you’d like us to create a strategy for you to implement on your own, reach out to us to receive a quote. We do all the heavy lifting, you get the glory. Prices for personalized strategies for one account start at $3,000.



For those who are looking for a quick pick-me-up of their Facebook or Instagram bio, we apply our knowledge and expertise to create a bio that honors your brand, and drives people to your website for maximum social media efficiency on a small budget. This service includes multiple bio options so that you can choose which best suits your brand, and includes one round of edits. You can use multiple variations to swap throughout the year as you release or launch new products or services.

3 variations


5 Variations



If you're looking for more support, don't have the time to handle your own social accounts, or don't have the patience or interest in learning about social media marketing, then social media management may be right for you. We will build you a package based on your unique needs and budget, and ask for a minimum commitment of six months. Your fee never changes, and boost packages are available to add a little extra oomph to your accounts.


Social Media Management

The prices below include content creation, curation, and posting, extensive on-boarding, current social media account audit, follower authentication, branded graphic design, content curation, 30-minute monthly strategy meetings, basic analytics, and weekly email support. Additional support includes: 60-minute monthly strategy meetings, in-depth analytics reporting, community engagement, community outreach, and more.

 1 account

$1,500 and up

 2 accounts

$2,900 and up

3 accounts

$4,400 and up


Blog / Newsletter Management

The prices below are for copyediting, layout, SEO, and social media promotion for blogs up to 1,500 words.

1 blog / month


2 blogs / month


4 blogs / month




Prices for the following add-on services are determined on a project-by-project basis, starting at the prices listed below.

Story Highlights

We create branded, dynamic, graphic or animated text stories to showcase your products and services in the highlights on your instagram bio.

We use design elements from your brand's style guide to create graphics and animations that match your brand and further improve your brand recognition.

Each highlight includes an icon, and a minimum of five graphics / text animations to highlight your offerings and drive more traffic to your website.

$300 and up

Instagram rescue

If your engagement has plummeted because you, or a social media management company you hired, used a bot to gain followers fast, or if you purchased followers from a company that promised to sell you "real followers" by the thousands, you need our Instagram Rescue service.

We analyze your followers and identify the percentage of fake followers, "lurkers," and followers who aren't engaging with your content in order to ditch the dead accounts and focus on serving your real audience.

$3,000 and up

Event Managment

Hosting and promoting events is one of our favorite things to do! If you host events as part of your business, we know the ropes of Eventbrite, Splashthat, Mindbody, and others, to design, categorize, and promote your event, class, or party.

We'll set up the back-end, manage any updates to location, time, or special guests, and help you promote it to your ideal audience by providing weekly posts for your social media accounts and email newsletters.

Contact us for more details! 


If your website is cluttered, disorganized, or needs improvements to the "user experience" (UX design), we can help. Specializing in Squarespace and Wix UX design, after we review your website in-detail, we will present a detailed proposal of changes in order to make your website more user friendly, so that your clients can find what they need faster. We can help with complete website overhaul, sales pages, landing pages, blogs, and more.


We are a Squarespace Circle Member, which means we have exclusive access to membership discounts, extended trial periods for new website designs, optimized customer care, access to exclusive content, and more. Packages start at $3,000. Contact us for more details.