You want more than just great social.
You want to contribute to Something Greater.


You're a difference-maker.

A leader.

An expert in your field.


Your values are unshakable.

you're committed to authenticity.

You refuse to water yourself down for anyone.


You've got the goods.

You know you're here for a reason.

You live your life in service to a higher power.


and you're ready to make an impacT

on your community and your world.


Are you ready to take the next step? Keep reading.

Something Greater Social helps conscious entrepreneurs leverage their expertise to build an authentic online presence and thriving, loyal, virtual community driven by authenticity, expertise, and valuable content.


We align your business goals with your social media strategy to optimize your current and future network. We can help you plan product and program launches, organize events, and reach your audience without compromising your values.   


Allow us to share your mission and your story with your current and future network. We create and curate images, videos, and captions that embody your brand imagine and voice so you can focus on deepening your expertise and supporting your clients.


Free yourself from the feeling of always having to be online so you can pay attention to what matters most. We optimize, create and schedule posts to reach your desired audience while you focus on your what matters most to you.

We Offer Full Service Social Media Support


Whether you're looking to learn the tools to take agency over your own social media presence, or you want to be fully supported so that you can focus your efforts on serving your community, we have a solution for you. We create customized offers based on your business' needs, budget, and goals.


We specialize in building thriving, authentic online communities using Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, MailChimp, and much more. We optimize your posts by using tools and strategies to increase engagement with your ideal audience.


Social Media

Graphic Design
Content Curation
Social Media Audits
Industry Research
Influencer Marketing


Best practices
Account Audits
Tools + Apps
Time Management



SEO + meta data
UX Design Upgrades
Reading Optimization
Blog Management
Website Updates

We make empowerment accessible.


We believe in the potential of your online presence.

We want folks to stop scrolling and start reading, watching, engaging, and investing. We think that what we contribute to the is more important than how often we post. And that the number of followers we have means nothing if they aren't interested in what we have to say.

We know that in order to cultivate a loyal online community, we must show up consistently to share our struggles and triumphs, our rituals and lessons, our realness and generosity... and we must do so honestly, vulnerably, and authentically.

We believe that success is inevitable when we are aligned with our truth.

When we share our expertise generously and commit to something greater than ourselves, we make the most profound, lasting impact on our community and our world.

Our company is a testament to this philosophy.


We work with purpose-driven, conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to step into the spotlight.


Whether you're a coach, health professional, educator, entrepreneur, facilitator, or activist, your niche is what sets you apart and your voice is the thread that weaves the fabric of your brand together. Our skilled team studies your work, your competitors, and your offerings, identifies your ideal audience, and replicates your voice to support your mission without compromising your integrity.

You might be a great fit for our company if...

you are constantly creating.

you're a professional with a purpose.

you're a pioneer and you live your mission.

you're fiercely committed to their vision.

you value integrity and authenticity.


We are a diverse team of seekers with skills.


Our highly curated team can talk the talk because they walk the walk. We know the difference between moringa and maca, kundalini and vinyasa, and that Mercury Retrograde isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

We live and breathe this lifestyle, and since drinking the kool-aid is a little passé (and definitely not sugar free), we decided to brew our own kombucha instead!

Our team brings a diverse set of skills from backgrounds in government communication, consumer protection and education, journalism, business administration, social media marketing, acting, and teaching.

Our team sets out to do things differently and creates a strategy for you, based on your unique needs and voice. We innovate and test, optimize and maximize, strategize and manage, so that you can go about your business changing the world.


We value your authenticity and expertise above all else.